Disney Plus Redesign

A smoother streaming experience through user-testing and information architecture revamp


Peter Yim
Jayna Wang
Timothy Joo
Samuel Lee




User Testing
UX Vision


3 weeks


Improve Disney Plus's info architecture.

Main Task is to identify current problem

We began this project a month following Disney Plus's launch in 2019, when the platform was new and its users were transitioning from other streaming services. Thus, not a lot of online data can be collected, that means we need to conduct user testing on our own.


Identify usability problems utilizing UX testing methods

Quick interview with 5 users to record Screen by Screen critique

We find inconsistencies in the labeling, organization and search

Interview insight for next steps

  • Usability Testing to confirm problem identified in labeling system
  • Usability Testing to figure out obstacles that user might encounter when completing main task

Organize notes by information system.

Card Sorting test from 113 user to identified labeling system problems

I used Optimal Workshop to conduct a Closed Card Sorting test, collected feedbacks through Google survey from 113 users.


We asked user to place the movie into the Category that Disney Plus came up with, so that we will be able to see whether Disney's label is correct and understandable to users.

Major Insights
  • Category and their naming are not unified and can be confusing.
  • Category name are not descriptive enough for user to understand.

Tree Test to identify issues within the current user flow.

We asked participants to complete three tasks. The order of tasks was also set to random, so the results would show less bias from a learning curve.

Major Insights
  • Search Function is the most visited but have deep navigation exiting
  • "Originals" is a confusing label
  • "Series" is also a confusing word to use

Competitive Resarch

  • Deep navigation exiting is a problem for all streaming services.
  • The Carousel design and expansion can affect user experiences a lot.
  • Show information should be access easily.


Design to solve identified problems

Branding: Micky Mouse instead of circles

❌ We find out that user often find it confusing and lost because they don't know how many shows are in one carousel.

✅ Indicate user about the carousel while align with Disney's branding by adding "Micky Head" as carousel indicator

Branding: Promotion of Disney Original Shows

❌ We first recognize the usability issue during our card sort testing. Users misunderstand the "Original" shows. Users thought that Disney classic such as Cinderella, Micky Mouse are Disney Original.

✅ Promote Orignal Shows in Navigation bar, adding label to the original show's cover card, so user can easily distinguish and understand the meaning behind "original"


Strategic Approach to Address Identified Issues in Research and User Testing

Here I will show my part of the design. We did a whole re-design to address all discovered IA and UX problems. I am in charged of re-designing for Organization System, Labeling System, and Navigation Bar with High-Fi prototype demonstration.

Organization System

Proposed Clickable Grid System with Dropdown for Show Selection.

Added an Expand Button for Full Carousel View, Retaining Left-Right Arrows as 40% of Users Preferred Them in Tests.

Relocated Search to a Higher-Level in IA for Enhanced Accessibility, Reflecting Its Popularity in Tree Tests.

Based on User Testing Insights, We Refined Disney Plus by Relocating Search to the Navigation Bar for Constant Accessibility and Streamlining Exploration with a Categorized Page, Reflecting User Preferences and Streamlining Their Experience.

Enhanced Watchlist Functionality for Efficient Content Organization

Inspired by YouTube and Spotify, we introduced a 'Create Watchlist' feature, along with an added filter option that defaults to alphabetical sorting.

Labeling System

Revise Category Names

"Renamed 'Featured' to 'Suggested for You' for Clarity, Added Categories Like 'Year Released', 'All Movies Z-A', and Replaced 'Kids' with 'Family' to Avoid Redundancy with Disney+ Kids."

Enhanced Filter Labels for Improved Clarity

"Renamed 'Featured' to 'Suggested for You' for Clarity, Added Categories Like 'Year Released', 'All Movies Z-A', and Replaced 'Kids' with 'Family' to Avoid Redundancy with Disney+ Kids."

Navigation System

Refined Navigation to Bridge User Experience Gaps

Enhanced Search Accessibility by Adding it to the Navigation Bar, Elevated 'Continue Watching' for Prime Home Page Access, and Introduced Show Descriptions for User Clarity Beyond Cover Art.


Design Align with Branding

Choosing the right user testing method can help refine iteration focus:

This is the first time we learned how to do different user testing. Every user tests has its own purpose, and we need to understand why we are doing it, what result we will be able to see and then design the user tests based on the goals. I personally think it is really fun to design the tests.

Communication and time mangement is key when remote collaborating:

Our project started as the Covid start to spread in early 2019. Everyone is new to remote working and collaborating online. Communicate with teammates about progress is important.

Design align with branding and vision:

We spend some time to investigate the product positioning and branding of Disney plus to understand how to design for the company and users at the same time. During our design, we also considered how to promote Disney Originals throughout the IA.