Enhancing Parenting Practices to Foster Better Parent-Child Relationships


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User Research
Prototype Design
User Testing


12 weeks


The Parenting Problem

Childhood struggles with parents can leave lasting emotional imprints

Many of us, including myself, have experienced challenging relationships with our parents during childhood.

How can we identify and address the root causes of family challenges, thereby creating stronger bonds between parents and children?

After engaging in user research with over 10 individuals and 2 experts, ideating concepts, creating an animated prototype, and conducting usability testing, I developed Oya. This mobile app is crafted to fortify the bonds between parents and children aged 0-6, enriching family time through interactive experiences.


An App aiming for Bonds and Growths

Family Activity Plan to Grow Bonds with Children's Development
01 Instructued Play
02 Parents learn
03 ๐Ÿ“ธ Record children's every achievement


Uncovering Parents' Painpoints

Parents want authoritative and positive parenting information.

Secondary research finding:
  • Mom and dad are the primary stakeholders
  • 0-6 years old are a crucial stage
  • 69% parents want positive parenting tips (Pew Research)
  • 54% Parents want authoritative information (Pew Research)

Interviewed with 6 parents to understand the Authentic Emotions of Experienced and New Parents.

I interviewed with 4 parents with kids over 6, and 2 with kids under 6 to o gain comprehensive insights into parental concerns and needs.

Interview insight can be summarized into 3 aspects

  • Parent's overall needs for activities that can build relationships
  • Having Parental information to be more structured and relatable
  • Wanting to be there for every first moment, enjoying the unique emotions that come with becoming a parent.

Interviews with 2 experts provided valuable insights into design direction and methodologies.

  • Child Development and Psychology Professor
  • Mobile Design Professor
Insightful Quotes

My mobile design professor, a father of two daughters, quoted a line from a Korean Drama to illustrate the humility and vulnerability of fatherhood.

Key Findings

๐Ÿ“ Ongoing Lesson

  • Children's developmental stage needs separate parenting skills and tips.

๐Ÿ‹ Practice and Apply

  • Learning is not delivering information.
  • Parents need to practice what they learned.

๐ŸŽฎ Gamification

  • Colleges use Virtual Child Game for students to practice being a parent
  • Gameamification can be a link and bond between parents and children re


Key Insights Shaping Design Goals

Designing a tool to help parents of 0-6 year-olds forge stronger bonds and navigate each developmental milestone while improving their parenting journey.

๐Ÿ’ฌ Pain Points

Desired to Learn More with Limited Free Time

Struggled to Spend Quality Time with Kids through Activities

Need to practice what they have learned and associated the knowledge with their children

โœ… Opportunity

Flexible Mini-Lessons for Time-Strapped Parents

Comprehensive activity guidance while tracking development

Enabling parents to efficiently apply their newly acquired knowledge in practical situations


Crafting Innovative Solutions

Designing a learning flow for parents

Following the three functionalities identified earlier, I charted the learning process for both parents and children and subsequently outlined the overall user flow.

1 Parents and children doing an activity
2 Parents take a lesson
3 Record Progress

Design System

Branding in Design System

Brand Identity

I've selected the colors red and yellow to evoke a warm and familial atmosphere, providing support and comfort to parents. Additionally, the Nunito font, with its rounded edges, serves as a suitable choice that resonates with both parents and children.

Custom Design System

Before I start High-Fi. I designed a components system so that I can make quick changes to my future Hi-Fi prototypes while maintaining a consistent style.

Usability Testing

2 rounds of user testing, feedback from 1 designer, and 3 iterations significantly enhanced the project.

01 Reorganized the learning flow

โŒ User Reported Problem with seeing the connection between Activity and Lesson

โŒ User skip lesson when they find title unrelated to the activity recommendation

โœ… Combined Activity and Lesson mage to make the Play, Learn, Record user flow more flawless.

Initial Flow
Final Flow

02 ย More Tips and Support for Parental Understanding

โŒ Users struggled to recognize developmental behaviors while logging milestones.

โœ… Providing more tips for parents to understand all the terms.

โœ… Providing examples for each behavior for easier identification and enhance the overall accessibility for the app content.

03 ย User Experiences Improvement for Completion Action

โŒ Users found it challenging to click completion button on home pages.

โœ… Redesign the Completion process and status indicator

โœ… Redesign the accessibility of the completion button

โŒ Users found it challenging to click the completion button on activity page

โœ… Redesign the accessibility of the completion button

Design Impact

Elevated user satisfaction by 30%

๐Ÿ‘ User satisfaction for the overall app increased 30% from the first user testing to the final design user testing

๐Ÿ‘ Task Success Rate reached 100% after 2 iteration

Smooth Play, Learn and Record Experiences
Master your children's growth by tracking every big moment
Ultimate Activity Library: Dive into endless possibilities
Responsive Design

Thinking about the usage for iPad among children. I think about future direction in developing an Tablet Version of the App. So I utilized the responsive design through auto layout in Figma to achieve this future update easily.

Full Prototype


Multiaspect Contributions

Reaching Out for Collaboration:

This personal project presented challenges due to the absence of a team for discussion. Despite this, seeking advice from professors and friends proved invaluable for design decision-making.

Embracing Iterative Design:

Conducting multiple usability tests revealed numerous opportunities for design improvements. This process highlighted the continuous potential for enhancing user experience.

Balancing Feasibility and Business Viability:

Discussions with my professor provided insights into what types of adult education are feasible. While my initial concept of a Virtual Child Game was innovative, its high production costs and potential market reluctance made it less viable. Beyond user experience enhancement, a key objective was to create a commercially viable product.